Globaltex Fine Linens has only the best towels, linen sheets, and bedding collections as an international wholesaler. We service hotels and resorts so that guests can spend their waking and sleeping hours in constant comfort. Globaltex Fine Linens has four certifications for textile, wool, and feather standards. Whatever comfort you need, whether in the bed or in the bathroom, we can get it for you wholesale and at high quality. We have done so since 1934 with our first factory. Globaltex Fine Linens is dedicated to delivering quality textiles to individuals and vacation spots. When you need assistance with furbishing your resort or happy home with fluffy down comforters, linens, duvet covers, and bathing towels, we have you covered. Our retail shops are located in Miami, Florida, and Houston, Texas, and you can also order online at your utmost convenience. Globaltex Fine Linens also has customer service on hand to help you find the right fit. Reach out to us today to find out more.




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Our plush towels are environmentally-friendly, one hundred percent organic cotton, naturally dyed, and hypoallergenic. We want to make them as comfortable as possible for you and your family so that you can feel like you’re on vacation all the time. The cotton absorbs ample moisture and gets thicker after each wash, up to five washes, so time will only improve each towel set. When you want to dry off with a soothing finish, then you want to use our Luxury Towels, which we also sell to resorts, cruises, and spas. If you only need a small set for your sinks, our hand towels are also at your utmost convenience to provide utter pampering. We have striped beach towels for when you want to lie down in the sun or adorn your pool chairs. Order blue, pink or yellow stripes to make your beach day bright and colorful while matching with any swimsuit or coverup.

When you need a change in duvet or comforter, check out our different types of bedding. We have a specialized home and hotel sets, for every resting space. When you sleep, you should fall between the sheets in utter bliss, and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference in helping you enjoy the morning, and the right bedding material can help. They will keep you warm on cold nights, and cool when the summer blazes. Globaltex Fine Linens cotton sheets and linens allow your skin to breathe at night, and our duvet covers can turn any bedroom into a silky, shiny luxury pad. Order a king or queen size, to feel like a fairy tale royalty sleeping the years away. Our other bedding sets, complete with comforters and flat linen sheet sets, come wrinkle-free and in various designs to serve any home decor.

Globaltex Fine Linens imports from Denizli, Turkey’s textile capital and the mainland, to deliver high-quality fabrics to the United States and the rest of the world. Organic Turkish cotton grows under eco-friendly company policies, harvested in the Aegean region. Then local specialists and experts card, spin, and process the cotton wool in our factories until they smooth into a soft thread or yarn that we can weave into our products. Sewing and dyeing add the finishing touches. For that reason, you know that Turkish cotton is associated with high luxury, both on vacation and in your home. We evaluate our products stage by stage, to ensure they meet international standards while utilizing reusable energies. If you find a towel, duvet cover or linen sheet does not meet your needs, then message us for a refund or replacement product. We offer a one hundred percent satisfaction or a money-back guarantee. But first, let us know how to add comfort to your home or resort.

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