Bath Mat & Rugs

Keep Guests Happy with Bath Mats and Other Linens

Owning a hotel requires that each room have the amenities that guests need. Happy guests are more likely to share their experiences when they head home and recommend your hotel to others. Unhappy guests may head home and write negative reviews or even post bad reviews before they leave. Those negative reviews can affect your reputation and lead to travelers choosing other places to stay. One way you can make your guests happy and satisfied is with bath mats and other nice linens. At GLOBALTEX Fine Linens, we offer a wide selection of products that are suitable for all types of hotels and resorts.

Why Replace Your Bath Mats?

A bath mat is a small mat that sits next to the tub or shower. They allow guests to avoid stepping on the cold tile floor and instead step on a fluffy mat. That mat does a good job of absorbing the moisture from the guest, but it also absorbs any of the water that splashes out of the tub too. This keeps the water from pooling on the floor and causing mold or mildew damage. Mold and mildew can also cause structural damage and lead to the floor collapsing. The right bath mats can do much more than just keep your guests happy.

Types of Bath Mats

At GLOBALTEX Fine Linens, we offer a nice selection of bath mats through our Sunset and Lux Collections. The Sunset Collection includes standard bath mats with an elegant design. These mats have stitching around the edges and a thin line that serves as a border. This allows the mat to absorb more water. With the mats from our Lux Collection, you can make a great first impression on each guest who stays with you. These mats have a unique border that catches the eye. We also offer step mats that let guests know exactly where to step when they get out of the shower.

Bath Rugs

For the ultimate in luxury, consider buying our bath rugs rather than one of our bath mats. These rugs are larger and fluffier. They will absorb more water and dry faster than ordinary mats do. All of our bath rugs have a backing that is both antislip and waterproof. No matter how much your guest splash around, the rugs will absorb all of that liquid. These rugs are also easy to care for and clean too because your maids can toss them in your washing machines and let them air-dry overnight.

Get the Best for Your Guests

Get the ultimate bath mats and rugs for your guests from us. You can contact GLOBALTEX Fine Linens online to order your bath mats and bath rugs. We offer a wide range of fine linens that will keep your hotel guests comfortable and satisfied, including rugs, mats and amenities such as luxurious soaps.