Disposable Surgical Face Mask

Disposable Surgical Face Mask

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Disposable Surgical Face Masks.
  1. Disposable
  2. Surgical Mask
  3. Made with Non-Woven Fabric
  4. 99% Filtration Efficiency
  5. 0 Humidity Accumulation
  6. White Color
  7. Made in USA
  8. 100% Polyproplyene Fabric
Benefits of Non Woven Disposable Mask
Active carbon disposable face mask provide effective filtration for bacteria, dust, micro granules and organic poisonous gases. Its odorless.All face mask are hypoallergenic, which prevents irritation and allergy problems to sensitive skins.A nose piece made of 100% aluminum, is embedded on the upper side of the Double / Three Ply Face Mask ensuring a closer contact. Non-irritating and soft,Avoiding bacteria,dust,foreign body into pneogaster,Remove harmful gas, peculiar smell, stench. BFE is over 99%,the pp non woven face masks certified by CE/ISO, We recommend PP face mask, Purification mask to the place with high standard on dust-fr
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